The YouthStarter Program

The YouthStarter Program was founded in 2014 in order for youth to help youth.

YouthStarter was founded for professionals to share their life experiences about what it took to achieve success in their career fields, including what failures they had to overcome. Through a series of seminars and guest speakers, YouthStarter provides the opportunity for youth to connect with professionals, industry leaders, and experts in their passions to help achieve their career goals.

Previous speakers range from professionals in hospitality and hotel management to experts in art and music. Ingrid Eras, for example, began her career from cleaning hotels: she is now Chief Human Resources Officer of Belmond Ltd. Yuen Pau Woo moved from Singapore to Canada as a high school student who left home: he served as the President and CEO of Asia Pacific and was named an independent Senate of Canada on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s advice.

YouthStarter was fortunate enough to receive a grant from Vancouver Foundation: although the amount may not be large, it holds a large meaning towards the organization. Additionally, we are very grateful that we have received our first grant from a respected entrepreneur, Mr. W. T. Wang.

YouthStarter hopes to expand into Asia to allow youth to meet and talk with professionals for free.

We are hopeful about the future of YouthStarter and its initiatives and discussions between the youth and working professionals. Through this program, we hope to inspire the youth to dream bigger, to connect with professionals they would rarely meet and achieve their career goals.

In the future, we hope to provide grants to  youth that have ideas to start up projects.

To help us expand our program, please feel free to support and contact us through our Contact Us page.